We offer art and design workshops for individuals who are passionate about the world of art. In addition to our workshops, we provide graphic design services and offer a selection of art products for sale

artist & graphic designer

an artist and digital designer from China, currently resides in Hobart, Tasmania. I have a background in watercolor painting, having received years of training, and holds a bachelor’s degree in animation from China, which paved the way for his journey as a digital designer and artist. After moving to Australia over seven years ago, I pursued a graphic design and illustration degree in Melbourne. This experience allowed me to explore and enhance my skills and design concepts by immersing myself in a different culture and learning new methods.
Subsequently, I completed a Master of ICT degree at the University of Tasmania, recognizing the significance of digital technology in the art world today. With years of experience in both watercolor hand painting and digital design, I have developed a distinctive style and unique design concepts. These experiences have greatly contributed to my creative process and idea generation. Consequently, I creative methods have evolved and achieved success.

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